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Current Marketing Challenges

Influencers have become more costly as consumers realize they are paid spokespeople rather than genuine recommendations.

Social Media assets continue to tell the brand story but lack behavioral and demographic data and information is severely lacking.

Affiliate partners have become coupon libraries and often take credit for sales they didn’t create.

Google continues to change its algorithm making organic search harder to achieve first page placement.

Content marketing requires constant development to capture attention and break through.

Rate of CPA, quality CPM impressions are rising faster year over year. Programmatic display has a declining/lower ROAS.

Digital Marketing Trends


Data analytics have become more critical in making smarter strategic marketing decisions.

Brands are looking for clarity on attribution, customer segments, understanding customer experience, brand perception, and buying behavior.


1:1 Personalized data analytics are driving a better customer experience and higher level of brand loyalty.

The challenge is finding more channels to engage the customer.


Word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations from familiar connections have become the new “influencers”.

The more 4 star ratings a brand achieves, Google improves the organic listing rank, so marketers are aggressively trying to illicit consumer feedback and ratings.


Influencer content and messaging can pivot much more quickly than ad agencies can.

73% of marketers allocated more dollars to influencer marketing budgets and engagements. Influencers are looking for supplemental sources of revenue using newer platforms like TikTok and Triller.

Consumers Love Influencers


of CMO’s say influencer marketing campaigns have improved their brands marketing strategy and results. Earning approx. $18 for each dollar invested


of women and 83% of men have purchased something inspired by an influencer


of consumers trust social networks to guide purchasing decisions


of teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities


of consumers depend on influencer recommendations. 8 out of 10 had purchased something after seeing it promoted by a trusted influencer


of consumers use ad-blocking on laptops and 15% on mobile, but people aren't blocking videos from their favorite influencers

Source: 9/11/19

Why Micro-influencers?

Opinions evoke high degrees of credibility and confidence from friends & followers.  They’re also 10x more likely to influence a purchase than celebrities.

High connection with brand, product, and brand-relevant topics.

Exist in greater numbers than mega- or macro- influencers, able to generate content at scale.


Have existing brand relationship based on purchase history and positive brand affinity.

Will recommend or publicly support brand and products.

Able to drive friends & followers to take a desired action and have a 16x higher engagement rate than paid media.

The KWIKClick Solution

• KWIKClick is a risk-free marketing platform where brands can harness the power of influencers to reach a wider and deeper audience than ever before

• Allows all consumers and social media users to generate residual income by sharing brands they already love with their own sphere of influence

• Also provides brands, influencers, and consumers with industry leading data and analytics as well as immediate compensation and pay-outs for users

How KWIKClick Works

• Brands list their product on KWIKClick’s Marketplace App at no cost until a sale occurs.

• Brands list their products at full retail, but provide 20% of the proceeds (a discount) to KWIKClick.

• Payment processing occurs on the KWIKClick site, but order fulfillment is electronically passed to the brand.

• As outlined on the next page, KWIKClick captures all relationships and shares a portion of the discount with all participants who have purchased in the path.

• This discount sharing leads to an increased incentive for participant to share on social media, increasing sales for the brand.

How KwikClick Works

• KWIKClick uses 80% of the proceeds from the discount to incentivize additional sales from participants on social media.

• Each time a sale occurs, a file (also known as a path) is created to be shared by the participant on various social media platforms to further advertise the product.

• Each time the path is shared and a purchase is made by a participant, KWIKClick patented technology records the relationship between the participant who shared the path and the participant who purchased.

• The technology can record an infinite number of levels between original purchaser and the final purchaser.

What's the Benefits?

Allows Brands and Influencers to expand their consumer reach thereby exponentially increasing the revenue potential with no incremental expense. 

Allows all social media users to instantly become revenue generating influencers when they purchase the Branded product.

Provides influencers previously unavailable consumer data analytics and insight into converting tribal segments in real time.

Tracks revenue and commissions performance for all parties via easy to understand dashboards delivered via website and mobile device.

How it Works

Let’s follow how Sabrina, a fitness influencer with 100k followers, uses KWIKClick to earn big.


Sabrina has partnered with a nutrition bar brand and endorses their product with an Instagram story.


The story contains a link where her followers can swipe up to buy the product.


100 of her fans buy a box of bars from her story, and she earns $15 from each, with a total earning of $1500.

But the earning doesn’t stop there, because the secret weapon of KWIKClick is in the exponential potential of sharing.


Her fans can now share a link, and each that sells a box of bars make the same $15 commission Sabrina made originally, and Sabrina makes an additional $7.50 (50% of her original).


The followers of those fans can also earn, with each level of commission halved. The brand controls commission levels to eliminate risk.


Sabrina makes over $20,000 from one Instagram story, and her followers earn thousands as well. The brand benefits from exponential sales growth from tapping into the depth of social tribes.

Key Features

  1. KWIKClick is an all new influencer marketing approach that allows influencers and brands to tap into the depth of their reach.
  2. KWIKClick requires participants to actually buy the product before they are able to share and earn. Provides revenue growth and genuine recommendation content.
  3. KWIKClick provides a new and innovative channel for brand marketers who want to streamline and isolate their deals/offering.
  4. Mobile first app plus website for users to track performance.
  5. Test & learn capabilities through “plug n play” program.
  6. KWIKClick creates a first ever affiliate marketplace.
  7. KWIKClick takes care of all the commission tracking and payouts for brands.
  8. Currently there are 26 Patents on the KWIKClick technology.

The KWIKClick Income Generation Model for Influencers

Desire for Residual Income will Drive Brand Sales to Unseen Levels

KwikClick Payout Example:

  1. Vendor's Product/Service Retail Price $100
  2. Discount to KWIKClick of $30 (net revenue of $70 to the vendor)
  3. KWIKClick Fee is 20% of the discount — $6
  4.  As an Influencers, you'll receive $12 on all 1st Wave sales.
  5.  KWIKClick Automatically creates a share link for all those buyers, becoming your 2nd Wave of influencers.
  6.  When those buyers share, they get the 1st Wave commission of $12 and you get the 2nd Wave commission of $6 and so on. As referrals continue you get the next Wave which halves until it gets to $ .01 (See chart at right).
  7.  When 5 influencers share their link with 5 people, that each share with 5 more people, that each share with 5 people down just 5 Waves, that would be 3,905 new customers. The potential is infinite.

Influencer Commission Waves:

1st Wave — $12.00

2nd Wave — $6.00

3rd Wave — $3.00

4th Wave — $1.50

5th Wave — $ .75

6th Wave — $ .37

7th Wave — $ .18

8th Wave — $ .09

9th Wave — $ .04

10th Wave — $ .02

11th Wave — $ .01

KWIKClick Analytics for Web Dashboard

KwikClick Web Dashboard


Let us prove to you how KWIKClick can harness the intense power of referral marketing in a socially driven and connected age.

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